The Start of Something New

I guess it’s a cheesy title, but, I felt that it was fitting for this post.

For a long time, I had been a shell of myself. Getting up daily was a struggle, being on the verge of tears, or crying over the littlest thing. I had depression and crippling anxiety, that black dog had taken over my life and no one could get me out.

It was getting in the way of my home life, my work life. My spending too was out of control, buying things to try and make me happy, to try and fill whatever void I had; of course it did not work.

I felt like I was just the “girl with anxiety.” People stepped on egg shells around me; asking me in that soft and patronising voice “are you ok?” or giving you that look. Believe it or not, that makes it worse, I felt that because people were expecting me to break down or having a panic attack… I did. It’s the whole self-fulling prophecy.

However, in August this year, I decided enough was enough. I sought an amazing therapist, left my soul-destroying job and made positive changes in my life. Now, of course I have grumpy days. We all do, it’s part of being human. But it’s how you manage it and how you handle it.

There has still been something missing; something creative. A place where I can put all the amazing things I love, my hopes, my fears. I also hope that my journey and my experience can help someone else who was feeling just as hopeless as I was a few months ago.

So, time to dust off the old Dulciana loves!  Time for the start of something new!

Birchbox VS Glossybox (Round 2!)

I’ve been feeling a bit rotten and always look forward to my monthly subscription boxes. They help perk me up and give me something to look forward to each month. There is always something special about opening a package and not knowing what is inside. These subscriptions make me feel like it’s Christmas every month.

I’ve now received my Birchbox and Glossybox and I’ve been busy trying the goodies inside both of them.

Last month I compared the January Birchbox and Glossybox subscriptions and I’m going to do it again today! As always, let me know in the comments which one is your favourite.

So which box wins this month? Let’s compare!

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Spectrum Brushes

Hello! As you can probably see from the title this post is all about Spectrum Brushes. Now, who does not love a good brush set? Not a day goes by where my Instagram or Facebook feed is not filled with beautiful brushes; but my heart always goes back to my one true makeup brush love; Spectrum Collections. 

Are they worth the hype? Read on and you shall certainly read my opinion on this.

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My Makeup Storage

I love looking at other peoples makeup storage; be it videos on youtube, pictures on instagram or even blogs. Seeing how each different person organises, or seeing trends in which desk people are using. It also definitely helps get your own creative juices going for when you’re doing your own.

Today, I thought I’d do a post about my favourite place in my whole house; my dressing room. Now, it’s not completely where I’d like it to be and I do need to get some more storage options, but, this is where I am currently.

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Korean face mask haul!

Who doesn’t love a good haul? Especially when it involves 18 Korean sheet masks!

Just the other day I posted about my January Loves and this included  some sheet masks from Boots; these were made in Korean but not by a Korean brand. Having tried some from Etude house before, I really wanted to purchase some more. So I was rather happy to stumble across MaskhouseUK! They have an actual shop up in Newcastle, which is rather unlikely for me to actual visit but the website is highly stocked.

I wasted no time in choosing a selection of masks and placing an order. I spent £20.70, which enabled me to take advantage of free shipping, using a 10% discount code AND receiving a free gift. Not bad at all!

So, what did I purchase from MaskhouseUK?


Maskhouse – Black Charcoal (sebum control), Caviar (Self repair), Snail (water retention)
Maskhouse – Beetox (anti-wrinkle, regeneration), Syn-ake (perfect renew, Anti-aging)
PureTree – Tree tree (anti-trouble), Raspberry (firming and glowing), Lemon (Brightening and vitalising) 



Etude House – Royal Jelly (Smooth hydration), Olive (Deep moisture),
Berrisom – animal mask – Cat (Collagen) and Panda (Blackberry)
Innisfree – rose, kiwi, acai berry and cucumber.

I am really looking forward to trying some of these. Now, the snail one… not so much, but, I’ll try anything! I think I’m going to try the cat one first, so watch this space.

It’s not only face masks they stock, but all things Korean skincare and quite a lot of selection of makeup; I even received a free Etude House eyeshadow with my order. I’ll definitely be placing another order in a few months when I’ve gone through these masks.

If you like the look of these and want to place an order, receive an extra 15% discount code by using this link !

Are you a Korean skincare fan? Let me know in the comments!




Janaury loves!

I love a month coming to an end, it means I can reflect on the products that I have used and that have stood out for me. It’s a mixture of makeup and skin care this month!


1. L’Oréal Paris – Infallible Fixing Mist – £7.99; I had heard quite mixed reviews regarding this. Some people loved and it others not so much. However, I was in need of a new fixing spray and I thought I’d follow the good reviews. I’m glad I did! This has changed my makeup game. It’s lasting all day; make sure you shake it before use though!

2. Boots Ingredients – Sheet mask – £2.00 per mask; Sheet masks have been popular in Korean skincare for years, so, when I found these in Boots, made in Korea, I was pretty pumped to try them! This month they have been my favourite mask. I’ve been having one every night or every other night and my skin feels so much brighter, clearer and oh so soft. After my normal cleansing routine, I pop one of these on, chill out, and after 20 minutes or so, take the sheet off and then rub the excess product into my skin. Perfect! So if you’re looking for a new mask to try, give these a go! I’ve been loving Safflower and Peony the most.

3. Unani – Illuminate milk cleanser – (roughly) £13 – I got this from my Glossybox and have been using it morning and evening without fail. It’s soft and gentle and gets all my makeup off with no effort at all. My only downside; I think it’s going to be difficult to buy going forward. I don’t tend to do a lot of online shopping (I know! In this day and age it’s pretty bizarre). It seems the only way to buy this is through their website 😦

4. Maybelline – The 24 Karat nudes – £9.99: I know I said no more eyeshadow….. but, I LOVED the blushed nudes palette they released last year, I struggled to get a hold of it at the time, everywhere I went it was out of stock, so when I saw this one, new in boots and only one of two left… I just… had to. I am glad I did, it’s been my go to palette once again. It’s highly pigmented, workable and I do love how long lasting it is!

5. Maybelline –  Colour Sensational Lipstick – Pink Fling £6.99; Moving away from my darker lipsticks here; I wanted something quite light and pale pink. So, I picked this up when I brought the eyeshadow palette and it has been my go to lipstick for most of January. The perfect shade of pink which does not dry out my lips and has long lasting staying power!

What has been your favourite items in January? Please let me know down below, link me your posts so I can have a look! Also, what are you looking forward in February?


End of January! (An update)

I can’t believe that we’re nearly finished with the first month of 2017. It has felt rather long and not to mention incredibly cold; I for one, am rather glad it’s nearly over.

I wanted to take the time today to have a look at the goals and rules I had in place for this year and see how much progress I’ve made (if any).

So, the rules I put in place for myself :

  • Stick to a budget + keep track of how much I spend
  • Stop impulse drug store purchases.
  • If I run out of something, go 7 days without it. If I still want it, then purchase it.
  • Keep a running “makeup graveyard” to see how much I use at the end of the year.

It is safe to say that I have broken quite a few of these already. I am purchasing less makeup over all (well, so far anyway), every cloud has a silver lining and all that. But, I have had some impulse purchases; where I’ve gone into boots on a lunch break, stressed out and in a bad mood…. and picked up something new.

In the coming months I do need to try and find another outlet for when I’m not feeling so good, if you have any tips, please do send me a message and let me know!

And now the goals:

  • Use up at least 4 body lotions
  • Pan those pallets
  • Empty all my old foundations
  • Keep the blog updated!
  • Keep my makeup desk tidy.

Now, I am rather happy at my body lotion situation right now. I’ve finished one entirely. I also destashed a couple of Lush ones and that has made the horde of lotions a bit more manageable

Panning and emptying foundations; now that’s an on going mission. I’ve not bought any new foundations, so that situation is the same. But I did acquire two new eye shadow palettes this month…. so, the less said about that the better.

Now, for keeping the blog updated, again, while I don’t post as much as I’d like, due to work and RL commitments, I am keeping it fairly updated and I do look forward to making a new post.

For the most part, my desk has been kept tidy. I’ve got an excellent storage system right now, which I will do a separate post about, and it has meant things have gone back into their right place after using…. apart from this morning when I was running late to work and left everything everywhere!

So, how are you getting on with your 2017 goals? Have you had a bumpy start like me, or are you keeping to your word? Let me know in the comments down below!



Glossybox VS Birchbox

Hello! So I’ve not forgotten to post at all; I’ve just not been well in the real world! I thought I’d take the time to post today because it can help me feel better.

Box subscriptions have become really popular; there is a box out there for everyone. Just the other day I came across a mystery story package, where they send you a box where you solve the mystery, cool huh?

I much prefer beauty packages! I decided that as I have Birchbox currently I thought I’d sign up for Glossybox too just to see what I am missing out on. Now, the following is all my opinion, it’s really up to you which box you feel is more suited to yourself.

Both boxes promise to deliver 5 luxe beauty treats each month and both do encourage you to set up a beauty profile just so it can tailor each box to you. With both boxes; once you’ve received and used the products you can review them and receive points; with Birchbox each box reviewed will give you £5 to spend in the Birchbox store, with Glossybox 1000 Glossydots will get you a free box.

When it comes to reviewing the items, Birchbox does do it better straight away; download the app and boom. Reviewed quickly and easily. Now, there is no app for Glossybox; and I don’t log onto my PC that much. So I do hope an app will be available in the future.

These are both the boxes for January:


Price (Inc P&p): £12.95 (delivered by Hermes)
Box overall: 3/5
Packaging:  5/5


What I received: 
Merci Handy Hand cream –  £4.90 (Full Size)
Whish Shave crave Acai and Grapefruit Shaving cream – £14.80 (Sample size)
Lord and Berry concealer stick –  £12.00 (Full size)
Naobay HydraPlus cream – £22.30 (Sample size)
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry oil shimmer – £34.00 (Sample size)

Well, if it was not for the super cute box (and the next month sneak peak, which is going to great just sayin’); this box was a bit of a letdown. I LOVE Nuxe Huile Dry oil, I own the original full size, but not the shimmer one. The concealer stick? Total miss. Now, don’t get me wrong, the shaving cream is such a great addition, smells great and feels great. But more hand cream and facial moisturizer? I know I put in my beauty profile that I have dry skin, but I’d love to see more makeup!


Price (Inc P&p): £13.95 (Delivered by Royal Mail)
Box overall: 4/5
Packaging:  5/5


What I received:
The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Single eyeshadow – From a palette £34 (Sample size)
Nip + Fab Kale fix moisturizer: £19.95 (Sample size)
Unani Illuminate Milk Cleanser – £14 (Full size)
Vitamasques Manuka Honey – £3.99 (Full size)
Absolute New York – Velvet Lippie – £5 (Full size)

Unwrapping for the first time was such an experience. The luxe gifts are inside tissue paper, nestled in black shredded paper and tied up with a ribbon. It felt like I really was opening a little present for me. I felt there was more variety in this box; and while there was yet another moisturizer, the fact there was a face mask, eyeshadow AND a liquid lipstick softened that annoyance.

So, what does Dulci think?
Glossybox won this round. However, I am interested to see what both boxes bring next month. So for the moment, I shall stay subscribed to both.

If you’re interested in subscribing follow the following links:

What do you think? Are you currently subscribed to one? both? Or just thinking about it? Let me know down below!

The great eye-shadow challenge!

We’re now five days into 2017 and I’ve realised what a big task I have set myself for the year ahead. In addition to 17 in 17, I have also set myself the challenge of panning three eyeshadow palettes.

The first of which being The Blushed Nudes by Maybelline (£9.99). This is a fairly close dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Now, seeing as I own both of these palettes; I think the UD is definitely more pigmented than the Maybelline one, but, there are days when I don’t want to waste my UD one on popping to the shops or a quick look for work. So, this one should be easy to finish. I’ve already hit pan on three of the shades so I think out of the three palettes I have picked for this challenge, this is one I can see being done!


Now, the other two palettes will be a bit harder. They are the Makeup Revolution chocolate palettes, in Chocolate (Middle one) and Pink Fizz (Both £7.99). I brought them because they look like pretty chocolate bars; and they do look great on my desk! But, that’s something I need to stop doing; buying for the sake of it and that is itself a goal of the new year.

I am struggling to use the shades on Pink Fizz. The lighter shades, that I tend to use, go patchy and you have to put so much on a brush with minimal payout.  The chocolate one is slightly better and there is a bit more usability within it. You can ever so slightly see where I have made a dent in some of the colours. Of course, they’re boring and brown. Maybe one of my goals should have been experiment with colour!

The fact they both have a MASSIVE mirror inside the case is also a big plus, which should mean I can take them with me, but, touching up makeup at work? I honestly never do!

Well, it is only 5 days into 2017; I can do this right?!

So, have you set yourself an impossible task for 2017? Comment below and let’s encourage each other to finish those goals! Better yet; have any tips to help me or someone else that is on a panning challenge?

With love,

Finish 17 in 2017!

Joining in on a reddit challenge! And will be documenting my journey on both here and there.

So, this is avoiding my staples. I went on so many random sprees last year and my collection boomed. A lot of it is Drug Store brand, and I’m not knocking it, just going forward I want to buy one big thing rather than 10 little things and be a product I am actually going to use.

  1. Makeup Revolution – Duo face sculpt – I don’t tend to contour so, it’ll be a bit of a goal/learning curve in addition to using this up!
  2. I love Makeup – chocolate eyeshadows – I went out of control buying Makeup revolution products this year. I’ve hardly used the chocolate palettes I got and really want to use them up so I can buy what I really want; a Two Faced chocolate palette!
  3. Sleek – Diamonds in the rough – This was an impulse buy when I was having a bad day. The joy of getting a new product wore off (as it always does) and I’m left with some eyeshadow that really does not look great on me. I want to see if I can get *some* use out of it.
  4. Maybelline Super Stay 24 – I have so many foundations that I really want to work through them all.
  5. Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation – I’m half way through, so I may as well put this in and finish it!
  6. Barry M Showgirl mascara – I want to extend my mascara love in 2017, so, that requires me to use up my mascara graveyard!
  7.  Makeup Revolution – Ultra Velour lip cream (Not one for playing games) – I bought loads of these in the sale, this particular colour being one of my favourites. So, I really want to finish it!
  8. Arrow lip balm – It’s nearly there, not a fan of the taste but I love the shade of pink it makes my lips.
  9.  Modelco – More Brows – I’m still on the fence about this, and think using it more will make me realise if I like it or not!
  10. Nail polish – Grouping this all together, I know it counts as more than one. But I just want to use through it.

Skin care!

  1. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse – I got this as a sample and loved it so much I bought the big bottle. It’s about half left, so I want to rekindle my love for it and finish it up.
  2. Lanolips hand balm – This stuff is so good, yet I constantly forget about it. My hands get so dry yet I own about 5 hand creams!
  3. Lush – Vanilla Dee-lite body lotion – This is probably seriously out of date. It’s been discontinued for a while; but it smells amazing and it’s nearly all gone!
  4. Patisserie cranberries and cream body lotion – I love the smell of this, I got it as a freebie for spending a certain amount in superdrug; with one of my goals to be to use my body lotions more I thought I may as well chuck it on here.
  5. Lush Soap – Another big group of products that I seriously own too many of. Lush soap lasts forever, so I want to aim to finish at least two during 2017!
  6. Lush Solid perfumes – Again, grouping into one because they’re small. I want to carry at least one every week and really use these up.
  7. Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume – I was brought this as a christmas present by my fiancé; he picked it, without knowing if I’d like it… and luckily, I absolutely love it. So, I want to really show him how great he was at picking out a product by using it all up (I’m sure this won’t be hard!) .